KGB Restaurant Las Vegas

I’ve got to say, Las Vegas is not really my kind of place. However, I was interested to recently read about the KGB gourmet burger and vodka bar at Harrah’s that opened last summer.


Vision 360, a Dallas-based architecture and interior design firm, were the guys behind making celebrity chef, Kerry Simon’s vision a reality. Simon wanted a sexy, hip, fun and energetic vibe and I think Vision 360 did a good job achieving that.


The 156-seat restaurant served lunch and dinner, seven days a week. Design highlights include a 10 ft long vodka bar made of ice, a hammer-and-sickle chandelier and custom artwork.

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An Introduction to Poland’s Robert Majkut

Last week I became aware of the work of Robert Majkut who was born in Szczecin in 1971 and has become one of the most important leading Polish designers and creator of places with a special character.  Since 1988 he has been involved in art as a graphic artist, painter and creator of installations.

Robert Majkut ING bank Warsaw

He is a man of a breakthrough era and his creations interpret the social and cultural changes in Poland.  For Robert the cultural aspect of design is the inalienable permeability of the past and present; his mantra, “the future is tomorrow invented today”.

Robert Majkut Design Cinema Multikino Velvet Bar

He has been honoured by the highest authorities of the Repubic of Poland, sector and journalist groups, and among others, nominated for an Elle Style Award.

Robert Majkut Main Foyer Golden Age Cinema

He is internationally renowned as the one who changes Polish public spaces offering his nation a better quality of life and has designed everything from banks to cinemas.

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Factory Hotel, Munster, Germany

In the late 1880s Friederich Dieninghoff decided to open his own brewery and just a few years later he succeeded with the launch of Germania beer. However, in 1980 the company had to close down the brewery due to a lack of demand. In 2008, architect Andreas Deilmann renovated the factory and gave the place a new purpose with the creation of the Factory Hotel. The main structure remains the same with many details from the original building. For instance the brewing tank serves as a dancing space in the evening, the changing rooms of the workers is now the lobby; and the restaurant, La Tapia, is located where the brew kettle once stood.

Factory Hotel

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25Hours Hotel Tailored By Levi Jeans in Frankfurt

25Hours Levi

Iconic lifestyle brand Levi  has teamed up with leading hotel brand Design Hotels to create a new hotel story focusing on the interesting history of the Levi’s jeans. Located next to the German headquarters of Levi Strauss, the hotel’s design focuses on the famous label and its influence on fashion, music and art from the past century. The 76 individually-designed rooms strongly reflect the denim theme and come in different shades of blue – cobalt, azure, turquoise, aquamarine and indigo. The rooms are categorised the same way garments are categorised into sizes: S, M, L and XL. Each floor reflects a different decade from the 30s to the 80s and features an original pair of jeans representing the fashion trend of the specific decade.

25Hours Levi

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