Moravian Babička Vodka Available at Harvey Nichols

The babičkas of 16th century Moravia were wise old women who were revered by their communities for having mystical healing powers and practising the art of witchcraft.  It was the babičkas who freely used the essence thujone which is extracted from wormwood, an aromatic plant of the Old World, in their potions and charms for its reputation of enhancing well-being, sensuality, creativity and love, not to mention its mildly hallucinatory effects.  This history has laid the foundations for the new Babička vodka, the first ever wormwood vodka.  A green thujone-ometer is on every Babicka bottle to mark the amount of this wormwood extract that has been infused with the highest quality vodka, giving Babička its unique taste.  Plus, the vodka is packaged in a contemporary interpreation of the medicine bottles of old – so it really embraces its cultural heritage.


Babička is available from Harvey Nichols priced at £35.

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