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I recently visited Pure Massage, located on the first floor of luxury department store, Fenwicks, in London’s West End.  I initially had a chat with founder of Pure Massage, Beata Aleksandrowicz.  Of Polish origin, Beata is a huge believer in the health benefits of massage.  At her spa in Fulham, and the off-shoot at Fenwicks, her therapists practise without an abundance of chemically-loaded lotions and potions.  This is very much a Polish tradition – spas there are much less about pampering and more about health benefits.  Personally, as much as a little pampering is nice, I think this is the way it should be everywhere.

Pure Massage

After chatting to Beata one of her highly-trained therapists talked me through the 60-minute Body Pure Massage (£73) – the brand’s signature therapy.  After discussing my problem areas (my particularly dodgy left shoulder), the massage began.  Using a lavender oil the therapist gave me one of the most intense massages I have ever received.  She talked me through a series of breathing techniques in order to get the most from the massage and breath through the pressure.  This was really impressive and did work to an extent but as I’m suffering with my shoulder at the moment, there was only so much I could take.  It was evident that I really needed a series of sessions to get myself back into shape.  As Beata and her therapists explain, having a massage is like going to the gym – a concept I had never really thought about before – the results only last for so long.  I certainly came away feeling lighter, healthier and with far better posture – so much so I couldn’t wait to go back!  I’m booking in for a series of sessions imminently.  Once I’m into a better routine and things have improved overall, I will only require regular mini sessions and then the odd longer one.  I suggest you investigate doing the same!

Pure Massage 3/5 Vanston Place, London SW6 1AY / Fenwick Bond Street 63 New Bond Street, London W1S 1RJ

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