Poland Honours Women this Valentines & Bulgarians Honour Wine!

Love will be in the air in Poland this February as the country’s men get ready to honour their wives and girlfriends on Valentine’s Day.  Poland only began celebrating St Valentine’s Day relatively recently, but it has quickly become one of the country’s most popular days for couples. It’s a time when men across the country give gifts of flowers and sweets to the love of their lives.

Poland on Valentine's Day

A popular treat on14 February sees couples heading to the northern town of Chelmno, renowned as a ‘lovers’ city’. Prayers are offered at a Valentine altar for a long and happy live of love, while Polish men give their loved ones spectacular floral arrangements made of red roses and bows, heart-shaped cookies, cakes, pastries and buns, all specially prepared for the occasion.

After dark, the town holds a singing concert that fills the air with romantic lyrics and song. The finale sees thousands of lights placed in the town square in the shape of a giant love heart.

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While in Bulgaria, the nation chooses to not only celebrate love on this day, but also their love of wine.  The day marks the national holiday of vine-growers and wine-makers which has been officially celebrated since 1962.  Although the Gregorian Calendar was introduced by the Bulgarian Orthodox Church in 1968, the church services moved to 1 February, however, the Day of Vine and Wine is still commemorated on 14 February.

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