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As a blogger and someone who works in social media I’m often asked what blogs I have saved in my bookmarks.  I thought I’d share a few of my favourite East European blogs with you all.

1: Edward Lucas

You can’t talk about Eastern Europe and not mention the Economist’s East European reporter, Edward Lucas.  Lucas recently published a book called the New Cold War, and while I don’t necessarily agree with all his analysis, it is worth a read.  His blog will keep you updated with the political and economic situation across the region.  Lucas is also promoting his brother’s plight for international recognition and commemoration of  Wojtek the Soldier Bear.

2: Dr Sean’s Diary

Dr Sean’s Diary is certainly worth a look if you want to read a bit more in-depth analysis, particularly about the political and economic situation, both past and present, in the Czech Republic.  Dr Hanley, a lecturer at SSEES, started the blog in 2006.  For anything remotely academic, visit his blog.

3: East European Food Guide

Barbara Rolek runs this food guide with everything you could ever want to know about East European food with plenty of recipes and videos.  Check it out (just make sure you aren’t too hungry!) for inspiration.

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