A Very Amorous Breakfast

Pickled VillageFounder of The Pickled Village, Camille Ortega McLean knows how to get you in the mood in the morning. Wake up to a fruity St Valentine’s Day with The Pickled Village’s limited edition Valentine’s marmalade.

The Amorous Breakfast is a heady cocktail of pink grapefruit marmalade with cranberries coupled with a good nip of Russian vodka. Based on the sea breeze cocktail, this marmalade makes a sweet start to the day and is bound to get your Valentine into a deliciously amorous mood. It is also perfect when used with poultry dishes as part of a romantic feast.

While, the Morning After Marmalade is the perfect tonic for those sluggish moments. Its citrus lemon zing blows away the cobwebs, restorative ginger tackles the excesses of the night before and for good measure, a shot of Siberian Ginseng injects a dose of form for the day ahead.
The Pickled Village Range:
The Cuban Breakfast (lime, mint and white rum – based on The Mojito Cocktail)
The Boozy Dark Breakfast (robust dark, spicy, chunky marmalade and a wee dram)
The Glorious Breakfast (a fine orange marmalade)
The Undecided (three marmalades in one jar for those who cannot make up their minds!)

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