Chicken in Badacsonyi Wine

This Hungarian recipe is traditionally made with a Balatan wine called Badacsonyi Kekryalii (Blue Handled) which had a full body and distinctive taste. ¬†Unfortunately, it’s a bit tough to get hold of Hungarian wine in the UK and I decided to substitute the wine with a dry white and thankfully, due to the wonders of Waitrose, I did managed to get hold of a Hungarian bottle, albeit not Badacsonyi Kekryalii. ¬†To find out more about the wine go to Eva’s Wine.

Chicken in Badacsonyi Wine

Chicken in Badacsonyi Wine


50g butter

4 spring onions

115g rindless smoked bacon, diced

2 bay leaves


1.5kg cornfed chicken

50ml / 4tbsp sweet sherry or mead

115g button mushrooms sliced

300ml dry white wine


Heat the butter in a large flameproof pan

Sweat the chopped spring onions for 2 minutes


Add the bacon, bay leaves and a sprig of tarragon (leaves stripped from the stem)

Cook for 1 minute


Add the whole chicken

Pour the sweet sherry or mead over the chicken


Cover and cook over a very low heat for 15 minutes

Sprinkle the mushrooms into the pan and pour in the wine


Cook covered for 1 hour

Remove the lid, baste the chicken with the wine and cook, uncovered for 30 minutes


Season to taste

Remove chicken from pan and place on platter

Surround with mushrooms, bacon etc. and garnish with tarragon

Serve sauce separately and with a side of steamed rice

Serve sauce separately and with a side of steamed rice

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