Restaurant Review: Zlatan Bokal in Skadarska, Belgrade

Skadarska is considered the bohemian quarter of Belgrade.  Beware the cobbled street, it is certainly not the easiest to walk along, but this small part of Belgrade is THE place to spend your evenings.  There is a variety of restaurants in Skadarska with everything from pizza and pasta, to more traditional dishes.  There was something about Zlatan Bokal, perhaps it was the ornate wrought iron, the draping canopies not out of place at an Ancient Roman feast, or indeed the large tree which protruded both through the floor and roof which the waiters effortlessly worked around, but it caught my eye and I knew that was where I had to enjoy my final meal in Belgrade.

Zlatan Bokal Skadarska Beograd Srbija

This is not the sort of restaurant which is particularly geared up for tourists, although it does have a menu in English for those who do not speak fluent Serbian.  My advice would be to share a few starters such as gibanica – filo pastry stuffed with salty cheese –  and fried kashkaval cheese – better than any mozzarella – both of which really tickle the taste buds.

Then it’s on to the main course… The traditional Vojvodina speciality is not to be missed. Love meat, love bacon, love cheese?  Choose this tender, juicy dish and eat with a side portion of the world’s best chips (French fries).  Alternatively, for utter showmanship then opt for the ražnjići.  When the waiter arrives holding the plate of pork skewers and proceeds to not place it in front of you, I’ll be honest, it does leave one utterly puzzled!  However, he then places a plate on top, and quite dramatically, removes the meat from the skewer in one swoop.  Impressive to say the least!  Enjoy with the grilled peppers (served with lashing of garlic) for a positively divine meal.  Wash down your meal with the red wine of the house in abundance!  I can promise on leaving Zlatan Bokal, you’ll leave feeling, full, content and satisfied.

Zlatan Bokal, Skadarska 26, Beograd, Srbija
Tel: 011 3234 834

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