First German White Asparagus of the Season

White AsparagusA little while ago I came across London’s German Deli, based in Borough Market. The deli now boasts a stall in the new Covent Garden Food Market, in addition to its neat little website on which customers can order their favourite German fare.

And there is even greater reason to be excited, as the first German white asparagus has now arrived! Unfortunately, there is only a small quantity at present this time, but as the season continues the deli will be getting more and more in every week. Hopefully the price will drop a bit later in the season as well, but that really depends on supply and demand!

German Deli, Borough Market shop at 3 Park Street, London SE1 9AB

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Matra Mountain Pinot Grigio

Matra Mountain Pinot Grigio 2009
Matra Mountain Pinot Grigio 2009

First Waitrose stocked Ewa’s Vineyard Hungarian wine and now I stumble upon yet another great find at the supermarket.  Matra Mountain, Pinot Grigio, 2008 is a crisp, dry white wine with a ripe apple and pear flavour.  The Matra vineyards are located on the southern slopes of the Matra mountains, benefiting from a unique microclimate, allowing the largest Pinot Grigio vineyard in Central Europe to produce exceptional grapes.

Under the watchful eye of winemaker Benjamin Bardos, selected grapes are hand-picked at optimum ripeness before being carefully fermented at cool temperatures thereby retaining their varied fruit and aromatic qualities.

This bottle is the perfect accompaniment to fish , chicken and delicate veal dishes but equally could be considered as a quoffing wine for a night in.

To find out more visit Ocado


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Eva’s Vineyard

I post a lot about vineyards across Eastern Europe that are worth a visit but unfortunately, all too often, it is difficult to get hold of the produce in the UK.  However, Waitrose currently stock a wonderful, dry, crisp, white Hungarian wine.  It’s perfect for easy drinking, cooking or served with light meats, poultry etc. or fish.

evaWhat Waitrose Says:

Eva’s Vineyard Chenin Blanc / Pinot Grigio / Királyleányka 2008 Neszmély Region, Hungary

Easy drinking and fruity white from the Hungarian hills.

Made from some of Hungary’s best white varietals, Chenin Blanc, Pinot Grigio and Királyleányka, and specially blended for an easy fruity style. The winemaker, Eva Keresztury, has given her name to this wine made especially for Waitrose.

Bottle: £3.79

Case of 12: £45.48

More information

Alcohol by volume: 12% vol

Award – IWSC medal: Bronze (2008 vintage)

Bottle size: 75cl

Closure type: Screwcap

Exclusive to Waitrose: Yes

Grape varieties: Pinot Grigio / Chenin Blanc / Királyleányka

Style: Dry white wine

Suitable for vegetarians & vegans: Yes

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György-Villa, Hungary

gyorgyGyörgy-Villa is a living testament to the culture and spirit of past ages, to its hard-working winemaker’s everyday efforts and its builder’s love for life.  In Budafok these vineyards and orchards used to be watched over from Roman watchtowers.  Then at the end of the fifteenth century the area went into the hands of the Grey Friars of Buda, who dug and built a cellar.  The erection of the building began in 1827 which in addition served as a symbol of the wine region’s prosperity.  It then changed hands several times and took its present shape in 1867 after a wine merchant called György Dõry had it rebuilt for his girlfriend as a Christmas present (they don’t make men like they used to!).

In 1872 the united capital started expanding at an enormous pace and as a result the once flourishing vineyards disappeared. After 1986 the building and the park went under a complete renovation.  The wine specialities of György-Villa come from the Etyek-Buda wine region, famous for its white wines and the Villány wine region, noted for its reds.

The György-Villa Selection with its fine varietal wines is one the most popular wine families in gastronomy. The villa, with its picturesque setting, houses a museum and is a host to series of programs, art evenings and lectures on viniculture.  Lovers of good wines and culture are all welcome to the building, which houses and gave its name to the company’s premium wine family.


Chief Winemaker of György-Villa
In 2002-2003, László Romsics earned a Diploma in Wine and Spirits at the prestigious London Wine and Spirit Education Trust.  The product of intensive study, demanding course work and challenging exams, this international Diploma is recognised as a sign of exceptional professional and academic qualifications in fields relating to wine, winemaking, and other alcoholic beverages. László is the first person in Hungary to earn this Diploma.  In 2003, he was accepted into the Master of Wine programme, which represents the highest level of academic achievement available in the wine industry.

György-Villa Wines
György-Villa Juhfark 2004 – Dry quality white wine
This uniquely Hungarian wine comes from the Pázmánd vineyard. The selective pruning of vines combined with the application of reductive technologies have resulted in a wine that at first is reminiscent of fresh summer fruits, and which subsequently reveals itself to be a richly-flavoured wine with a pleasingly harmonious acidity. Juhfark is a unique gem among the international varietals offered by György-Villa, a Hungarian grape that rewards the hard work that goes into it by offering a singular taste experience. To be consumed at a temperature of 10-12 °C. Goes best with soups, Hungarian cabbage dishes and mushroom dishes.


György-Villa Selection Etyeki Chardonnay – Dry quality white wine
This grape variety, the wine region’’s and perhaps the world’s best-known one, is grown in the vineyards in Etyek. The György-Villa Etyek Chadonnay is a top quality wine with intense aromas and a fruity character which blends with the scent of spring flowers. It has a fresh, pleasant taste. To be consumed at a temperature of 10-12 °C with pastas and fish.

György-Villa Selection Etyeki Sauvignon Blanc – Dry quality white wine
This grape variety, popular and well-know all over the world, comes from the vineyards in Etyek. Thanks to the most up-to-date technologies, it has a spicy scent, rich flavours and lively acidity. Tasting it is like smelling a spice box which reveals new secrets upon each opening. To be consumed at a temperature of 12-13 °C with light poultry and fish dishes, spicy roasts and asparagus.


György-Villa Selection Villányi Merlot – Dry quality red wine
This György-Villa Merlot is made from grapes grown in the Villány wine region. An exquisit full-bodied red wine characterised by a deep red colour, rich aromas and fruitiness. Its scent has a hint of ripe sour cherries and plums. The fruitiness is combined with some mild spiciness. To be consumed at a temperature of
15-16 °C with Hungarian dishes and venison.

György-Villa Selection Villányi Cabernet Sauvignon – Dry quality red wine
Full-bodied red wine made from grapes grown in the Villány wine region. Deep ruby red in colour, velvety, rich aromas and flavours. Cabernet Sauvignon is perhaps the best known and most popular red wine in the world. It is the spiciness of this wine that one notices first. Its rich flavours have a nice long finish. To be consumed at a temperature of 15-17 °C with Hungarian dishes, venison, beef dishes and cheese with rich aromas.

Some of these wines are available in the UK.  To find out where you can pick up a bottle (or case!) get in touch with the kind folks at Myliko who handle the distribution: Email: ; Tel: 0161 736 9500

György-Villa Cellars Ltd.
H – 1222 Budapest, Nagytétényi street 198-202.
Consumer service:
(+36-1) 42-42-650, 42-42-651
Palace Budafok Cellars Ltd.
Tel: (+36-1) 362-16-34
Fax: (+36-1) 362-16-35

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Domaine Danubiane Sauvignon Blanc 2007

domaine-danubianeAlthough not a country to usually pop to the forefront of one’s mind when considering notorious wine producing countries, Romania has in fact been producing wine since the 7 BC.  It would shock you to put, what most would consider one of the European Union’s poorest and most backward countries, on a par with Portugal for sheer quantity of square metres of vines, but this is indeed the case.

This particular bottle hails from the town of Turnu Severin, formerly known as the ancient city of Drobeta which took its name from the tower built to commemorate the death of the Roman emperor, Septimus Sever.  The cellar is run by Italian winemaker, Fiorenzo Rista, who after gaining vital experience in northern Italy, came to Romania, fell in love with a Romanian woman (now his wife) and never returned home.

The Domaine Danubiane is a crisp aromatic white produced purely from Sauvignon Blanc. The cool climate of Vanju Mare has ensured it is packed full of grassy herbal aromas, a characteristic of many East European tipples, in addition to boasting vibrant gooseberry tones and lively passion fruit flavours.

While, the Domaine Danubian Sauvignon Blanc would not suit the palette of those who prefer to drink a very dry Pinot Grigio or Chablis unaccompanied, it will prove a particularly pleasing purchase for those who desire to indulge in seafood, particularly oysters, moules marinierès or grilled white fish.

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