Treat Your Loved One to a GrasovKiss on Valentine’s Day

With what seems like an eternal recession upon us, it is of little surprise to hear that many couples are planning on spending their Valentine’s night at home.  However, I think this is a far better option!  Normally, venues are crammed full to the brim and prices are unfairly increased.  Plus, at home you can choose exactly what you want to eat or drink.  Talking of which… this year why not whip up a GrasovKiss cocktail using Grasovka Bison Grass Vodka?

GrasovKiss Cocktail

It’s the perfect Valentine aperitif and it’s quick and easy to make, simply follow this delicious recipe…


2 oz Grasovka Bison Grass Vodka
1 oz raspberry syrup
¼ oz lemon juice
Dash of apple juice
Dash of lemonade

Serve over ice in a highball glass and for that extra romantic twist, float a rose petal on top or garnish with a few raspberries

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Plan Some Last Minute Romance in the Czech Republic

Chateau McelyWondering where to spend Valentine’s Day with your loved one?  If you have time to take a trip then why not visit the Czech Republic?  If you love history or like to indulge in luxury,  you could spend St. Valentine’s Day in one of the Czech and Moravian chateaux.  Enjoy a fairytale romance at Loučeň chateau located about 50 kilometres from Prague offering exquisite suites for couples in love; or soak up the historical atmosphere cuddled by a fireplace with your loved one and being served breakfast directly to your apartment in one of the suites the baroque chateau of Jemniště, not far from Prague.

Alternatively, you can both be pampered at the hunting chateau of Mcely, situated in Central Bohemia near the town of Mladá Boleslav.  Here they will serve a special Valentine’s Day menu.  The chef working at the chateau of Mcely cooks according to old recipes of the first owners of the house, the family of Thurn-Taxis, and the restaurant ranks among the top ten restaurants in the Czech Republic.  The chateau’s other indulgent specialties also feature a pearl massage.

While lovers of old cinematography will definitely feel at home at the hotel Chateau Kotěra in the town of Ratiboř near Kolín.  The hotel was built and decorated in the second decade of the 20th century by the founder of Czech modern architecture, Jan Kotěra, and offers a Valentine’s Day package for couples in love. It includes a three-course dinner with a quality wine, a bottle of sparkling wine and a flower for the lady.

Sounds good to me!  I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed to be whisked away imminently!

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Celebrate Your Love Story at Ritz-Carlton Wolfsburg

Not quite worked out how to woo your loved one yet this Valentine’s Day?  All is not lost…  The Ritz-Carlton, Wolfsburg will celebrate big love stories and make them last forever.  With Celebrate Your Love Story, the luxury hotel offers lovers from today a fascinating night in the world of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar, protagonist of one most famous love stories.  For even more romantic privacy, the floating spa area may be used exclusively and awaits the couple for treatments and a signature milk bath with under the stars.

As in the days of spacious Egyptian palaces, the lovers will enjoy the luxury and privacy of the huge The Ritz-Carlton Suite.  In the evening, romantic togetherness becomes key.  The hotel’s floating spa pontoon, with its breathtaking view on the harbor, awaits its two guests only for an exclusive spa night.  Surrounded by a sea of burning candles and spoiled with fine champagne, exotic fruits and canapés, the setting is just perfect to celebrate a true love story.   Plus, two dedicated spa-butlers will take care of every wish the couple may have.

Ritz-Carlton Wolfsburg

What are you waiting for?  Book your very own bona fide Bridget Jones’ mini break now!

The Ritz-Carlton, Wolfsburg is located in the centre of Autostadt, the world’s first custom-designed celebration of automotive innovation encompassing architectural originality, scientific advancement, artistic inspiration and lifestyle aspiration.   The 13th and 14th of February 13th is now bookable on or by calling +49 (0)5361-607000.  Prices start at 2,250 Euro for two people.

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Poland Honours Women this Valentines & Bulgarians Honour Wine!

Love will be in the air in Poland this February as the country’s men get ready to honour their wives and girlfriends on Valentine’s Day.  Poland only began celebrating St Valentine’s Day relatively recently, but it has quickly become one of the country’s most popular days for couples. It’s a time when men across the country give gifts of flowers and sweets to the love of their lives.

Poland on Valentine's Day

A popular treat on14 February sees couples heading to the northern town of Chelmno, renowned as a ‘lovers’ city’. Prayers are offered at a Valentine altar for a long and happy live of love, while Polish men give their loved ones spectacular floral arrangements made of red roses and bows, heart-shaped cookies, cakes, pastries and buns, all specially prepared for the occasion.

After dark, the town holds a singing concert that fills the air with romantic lyrics and song. The finale sees thousands of lights placed in the town square in the shape of a giant love heart.

For more information about the Polish National Tourist Office visit

While in Bulgaria, the nation chooses to not only celebrate love on this day, but also their love of wine.  The day marks the national holiday of vine-growers and wine-makers which has been officially celebrated since 1962.  Although the Gregorian Calendar was introduced by the Bulgarian Orthodox Church in 1968, the church services moved to 1 February, however, the Day of Vine and Wine is still commemorated on 14 February.

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A Very Amorous Breakfast

Pickled VillageFounder of The Pickled Village, Camille Ortega McLean knows how to get you in the mood in the morning. Wake up to a fruity St Valentine’s Day with The Pickled Village’s limited edition Valentine’s marmalade.

The Amorous Breakfast is a heady cocktail of pink grapefruit marmalade with cranberries coupled with a good nip of Russian vodka. Based on the sea breeze cocktail, this marmalade makes a sweet start to the day and is bound to get your Valentine into a deliciously amorous mood. It is also perfect when used with poultry dishes as part of a romantic feast.

While, the Morning After Marmalade is the perfect tonic for those sluggish moments. Its citrus lemon zing blows away the cobwebs, restorative ginger tackles the excesses of the night before and for good measure, a shot of Siberian Ginseng injects a dose of form for the day ahead.

Read more…

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Akvinta Sensory Set

Akvinta Sensory Set
Akvinta Sensory Set

After an exclusive promotion with Virgin Atlantic, Akvinta will be introducing their sensory set to Harrods. The Akvinta Sensory set provides the consumer with a unique experience to bring the senses together and set the scene to enjoy this luxurious and distinctive tasting drink.

Akvinta has a light lemon nose, appealing sweetness, luxurious round mouth-feel and a gloriously smooth finish. Delightfully moreish when drunk neat or over ice, its round, luxurious structure adds quality to cocktails and makes a first class Vodka Martini. It has organic certification from both Europe and the United States, and is also under Kosher supervision.

The beautifully presented coffret, produced in partnership with Arran Aromatics, contains specially developed fig scented candles, a massage soap, and a grapefruit room spray.

Customers will receive a complimentary coffret with the purchase of a 70cl bottle. Additional kits may also be purchased for £18.00.

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