Is Turkey Part of Eastern Europe?

Last week Pegasus airlines flew me and eight other journalists to Istanbul to write about it being the capital of culture for 2010.  Pegasus, who have previously been flying out a few times a week from Stansted, are launching daily flights to Istanbul, among other destinations, from just £39.99.  For more information on flights go to:

I am not sure if I truly believe Turkey is part of Europe.  After all it is a place entirely divided geographically and historically.  I once wrote an article for the Nico Colchester Competition, sponsored by Shell (which I did not win) advising the EU of serious concerns to be considered if admitting Turkey into the union.  That was some five years ago now, during which I have graduated from UCL and also been to Istanbul for the first time.

Is Istanbul, is Turkey part of Europe? Technically, geographically, yes.  Historically, partially.  Will it become part of the EU?  Quite possibly.  Regardless of my thoughts, or your preconceptions here are my best bits (or at least my best photographs!)

Flag on Taksim Square
Flag on Taksim Square

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