Get Ready for the Stew Competition at SzeptEmber Feszt

SzeptEmber FesztThose who have visited the SzeptEmber Feszt before know that it offers an uninterrupted flow of cultural and gastronomic events for three days on end, with a pinch of novelty added to the programme each year.  One emblematic programme of the festival is the Stew Making Competition. Besides the competing teams, mayors (on Saturday) and Members of Parliament (on Sunday) will also demonstrate their cooking skills.

Those not participating in the competition can taste stew at the Stew Show. The show will be held in Stew Square, where restaurant chefs will be offering over 30 truly special stews to those interested and hungry. Sample portions of 0.2 litres will be served at prices from HUF 300.

A foretaste of stews to come:

Wild Boar Stew with Prunes
Fairy Ring Mushroom Stew with Blueberries for Vegetarians
Kangaroo Stew with Raspberry Essence
Crayfish Stew Zala Style
Crocodile Stew
Emu Stew
Buffalo Stew with Bolete
Beef Cheek Stew with Tripe
Cock Stew with the Pride and Fame of Little Rooster
Dudum Stew Cooked with Dumplings
Frog Stew Soroksár Style
Sturgeon Stew

For three days Feszt-goers will be entertained by more than a hundred performers playing on four stages. There will be pop, rock, jazz, and country concerts.  While the adults are enjoying good food and modern culture the children will not be bored either. They can do crafts, make clay movies, and play various interactive games.  Families will find it easy to stay for the whole day as the Feszt will have baby feeding and changing rooms, as well as a child supervision facility.

Come to Népliget at the first weekend of this September. Don’t miss this year’s SzeptEmber Feszt!

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