Wine of the Week: Pick Up a Bottle of Carica Milica in Beograd

So my other fabulous purchase from Belgrade Airport was a bottle of Carica Milica Stono Polusuvo Vino, a Serbian red wine.  With equally ornate label as the bottle of Car Lazar and a matching cheap price tag (just 300 Dinar or about £3) I thought it only fair to give this bottle a go too.  It’s a lot less intense than the Car Lazar. For one thing, it is only 11% vol. alcohol in comparison to the Car Lazar which is slightly more at 12% vol.  But the flavour, aroma and colour also quite different.

Carica Milica Stono Polusuvo Vino

This is a paler red, more comparable to a Beaujolais.  The taste and aroma, while fruity, are less intense.  This is no bad thing.  It just depends on your preferance.  In fact, the fact that this particular vineyard makes two wines, quite contrasting but both of fabulous quality mean that there is something to please everyone.  This is epitomised by my very own family.  My Mother loved the Carica Milica, and not just because of its name!  Whereas, my Father particularly enjoyed the Car Lazar.  I, typically, liked both.

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Wine of the Week: Pick Up A Bottle of Car Lazar in Belgrade

I recently spent four fabulous days in Serbia’s capital city, Belgrade.  I had enjoyed the culture, history, architecture, but most of all the food and wine.  So on departing I popped into the airport duty free shop to check out what the shelves had to offer.  I personally prefer buying wine anywhere but an airport (it’s just never THAT cheap) but with the 100ml liquid rule I no longer have that luxury and I don’t want to run the risk of ruining a suitcase of clothes, books and miscellaneous stuff.  However, there I was pleasantly surprised to find a few reasonably priced bottles of local wine.  Not only was the Car Lazar Stono Polusuvo Vino (Tsar Lazar) label enticing it promised a rich, heart, deep red wine.

Car Lazar Stono Polusuvo Vino

A blend of prokupac, merlot, vranac and gamay this is a lovely wine to enjoy with traditional Serbian meat dishes.  The best bit?  It only cost 320 dinars which works out at about £3!  What a bargain!  If you are visiting Belgrade soon, look out for this wine!

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