The Best Goulash in Budapest

Szent Istvan Basilica
Szent Istvan Basilica

Dom, a restaurant next to St Stephen’s Basilica in Pest, in my opinion offers great goulash.  In fact, they offer not just one type of goulash but two: typical Gulyasleves and Transylvanian goulash.    The former follows the traditional recipe for goulash but the latter uses sauerkraut creating an interesting, and quite wonderful, flavour.  Both are deliciously yummy and are perfect served with the traditional nokedli or galuska, small semolina dumplings.  To make the dumplings all one needs is two eggs, a pinch of salt, 400g of flour and 3 1/2 tbsp of oil.  Although quite similar to Italian gnocchi the texture and consistency is quite different.  If anything, the nokedli and galuska are much drier and so are perfect as an accompaniment for soups and all porkolt dishes.  The stuffed peppers served at Dom are also fantastic. The only small problem is the portion sizes which when the dish arrives looks relatively small but in fact turns out to be rather deceiving and more than most can manage to consume in one meal!

Main courses range in price but usually cost somewhere between 1800 and 2400 Forints.  This restaurant is ideal in winter or summer.  In the winter one can sit in the small, dark, homely, beautifully tiled restaurant, complete with traditional dark mahogany furniture.  With Grandmother, Mother and twin brothers present, one can really feel as if surrounded by your very own Hungarian family.  Alternatively, in the summer, one can sit, hiding from the sun under large umbrellas and overlooking the pretty Szent Istvan Basilica and large, imposing square.  The twin brothers who act as waiters are particularly friendly and will happily offer particularly talkative tourists a free drink of Tokaj after a meal.

Tip: If one is less keen on spicy food, do beware the odd cunningly hidden, whole, hot, green pepper!

Sorozo – Etterem
Szent Istvan ter 1
Tel: 06-1-317-25-06

For a recipe on traditional goulash go to Charlotte’s Goulash.

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