Open Border Initiatives

playing-together-thumbSlovenia is working directly with its neighbouring regions in Austria and Italy to encourage travellers in each country to extend their trips and explore beyond the borders.

The Italian region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, the federal state of Carinthia in Austria and the whole of Slovenia have teamed up in a ‘triple borderlessness’ initiative under the banned of ‘Playing Together’, outlining a number of different touring itineraries and packages to suit travellers with different interests.

The Playing Together scheme highlights the geographical closeness of the three countries, even suggesting the ultimate ‘dine around’ day where travellers enjoy breakfast in Slovenia, lunch in Italy and dinner in Austria.

With easy border crossings between Slovenia, Italy and Austria, touring travellers can – in just one day – hear three different languages and experience three different cultures; or enjoy views of mountain peaks, the Mediterranean sea and a cosmopolitan city.

Examples of water-based activities, golfing, hiking, cultural experiences, gastronomy and winter activities in each of the three countries are listed on the Playing Together website, along with an offers page of available packages.

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