Polish Treats at Dobry Smak in Aldershot

It’s always nice to come across a specialist store doing well, particularly one that specialises in Eastern Europe. The Dobry Smak store in Aldershot stocks a wide range of Polish goodies, all types of food, drink and even media.

Dobry Smak, Aldershot

Here’s a quick look at what you can pick up


Dobry Smak, Aldershot
Selection of beer
Dobry Smak, Aldershot
Selection of Polish cakes
Dobry Smak, Aldershot
Polish magazines
Dobry Smak, Aldershot
Polish sausages and meats
Dobry Smak, Aldershot
Polish teas
Dobry Smak, Aldershot
Vodkas and other spirits

Dobry Smak, Station Road, Aldershot, Hampshire, UK

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New Polish Section at Tesco: Pierogi & Smetana

Last week I happened across the new Polish section in Tesco on Queensway.  Tesco has always supplied some Polish goodies (depending on the store) but this was very much a new and improved section with all manner of sausages, hams, cheeses etc.!  Now while I am a real advocate of real food rather than ready meals and ready-prepared food but I thought I’d try out a couple of packets of pierogi (Polish dumplings) and a small tub of Polish smetana (sour cream).

Pierogi and Smetana at Tesco

The pierogi is available with meat, cheese or cabbage fillings.  My favourite has to be the cheese. The meat tastes a little too generic and I’m just not a fan of cabbage.  Add the pierogi to boiling salted water, when the first pierogi begin to rise to the surface, cook for 1 minute and then serve.  I like to put a little melted butter over the top.  For non vegetarians a little crispy bacon could be added.  Alternatively, top with a few breadcrumbs toasted in butter.  Delicious, if not particularly healthy!

Pierogi with Smetana, Tesco

I have no idea why but East European smetana (sour cream) always tastes differently to the sour cream normally available in the UK so this little tub was a real treat!

Go get yourself some Polish delights now!


Pierogi with meat £1.40

Pierogi with cheese £1.40

Smetana £0.78

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The Best Pierogi in Krakow

St Mary's Basillica, Krakow
St Mary’s Basillica, Krakow 

There is plenty of opportunity to stuff yourself silly with pierogi and other Polish delights while staying in Krakow, however, if you want a truly home-cooked meal then you need to visit Kawiarnia “Hamlet”, Ul. Miodowa 9, 31-055 Krakow.  This rustic little place is filled with dark wooden tables, crochet tablecloths and cumbersome dressers, making you feel as if you are back in the home of your old Polish Babcia (Grandmother).

A veritable feast can be enjoyed at this small cafe/restaurant.  The meat pierogi and the Ruskie (cheese) pierogi (9 zloty for one portion), sprinkled with fried onions, are the most delicious I have ever consumed.  The restaurant is also famed for its soups which will warm your cockles on a chilly spring evening.  The best bit?  Your waitress and chef is indeed a Polish Grandmother.

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