What will you be taking away this summer?

Last summer I was stood in a queue in Zagreb train station on a Sunday morning getting ready to board a train to Sarajevo.  Balkan trains not being comparable to others in Eastern Europe, my travelling companion and I decided it best to stock up on snacks for the day’s journey.  We found ourselves standing in a queue with a vegetarian Australian girl.  When it came to the girl’s turn to order food from the bakery, she asked what vegetarian options there were.  She was met with a bleak response which to my travelling companion and I was not a surprise at all.  It was more of a surprise to find a solely vegetarian (although it did serve fish so I suppose it was really pescatarian) restaurant in Sarajevo.  The vegetarian Austalian was told by the young girl in the bakery that the only option was croissants.  After purchasing five croissants, the Australian boarded a train to Berlin.

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