The Golden Road to Samarkand Uzbekistan & Turkmenistan

Travel company, Jon Baines Tours, has launched a new tour, The Golden Road to Samarkand and Turkmenistan, hosted by journalist and author Jonathan Fryer.

Travellers will explore Turkmenistan and its desert cities which have borne witness to some of history’s most dominant empires. Throughout the trip, travellers will learn about the Silk Road and its links to both the Chinese and Roman empires and how it continues to influence the modern world.

Khiva City Walls
Khiva City Walls

Jonathan Fryer is a freelance British writer, lecturer and broadcasterw ho has reported from around the world for magazines, radio and television stations. He has written more than a dozen non-fiction books and teaches a course in Humanities at London University’s School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS).

Itinerary Highlights:

  • Arrive in Tashkent and visit the Museum of Applied Arts.
  • Visit the Hast Imam, walk through the Chagatai Cemetery, drive to Samarkand, eat at a Sufi clinic, visit the honey bazaar and arrive in Samarkand.
  • Visit Langar village, Shakre Sabz, a local winery for a wine and cognac tasting, hear a talk on horses and the Silk Road, drive to Bukhara, stop off at local potteries.
  • Spend a day in Bukhara, visit the prison (zidan).
  • Arrive in Khiva, the region’s renowned slave trade centre.
  • Cross into Turkmenistan and fly to Ashgabat.
  • Savour local caviar and views across Ashgabat’s glittering marble and gold towers.
  • Visit the National Museum and tour the city.
  • Enjoy a farewell dinner.

Jon Baines runs specialist cultural tours and medical study tours, tailormade tours and corporate and golf tours. Each tour gives travellers privileged access to the country.

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