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Russian label, Chapurin’s Autumn/Winter 2010-11 collection was shown at Paris Fashion Week on Saturday.  The inspiration behind the collection was Siberia, the Russian terror incognita, thrown in the north to the icy embrace of the permafrost, confined in the south to a vast snowy taiga.  The region serves the world as an historic metaphor of Russia, a symbol of a power of a civilisation battling the mighty force of nature. This land’s wild beauty, interwoven mixture of Slavic culture and the Siberian folk’s aged-old traditions have inspired Igor Chapurin to create his new collection.  Its character is a personified essence of the northern land combining natural energy and depth, ardor and unbending will, powerful charisma and femininity.


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The Autumn/Winter 2010-11 collection sees loose lines and clear-cut geometry.  Soft cocoons of coats and jackets wrap architectural forms of dresses and body-suits.  Traces of traditional Siberian garments are used in the design of the coats with fur-trimmed hoods.  Large voluminous collars resembling those worn by the Siberians in the old ages give women a strong and powerful silhouette.

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Viva Vox & Disney Launch Joint Collection: Alice in Wonderland

Viva Vox Fashion House has released a new capsular collection, immediately prior to the new Disney film “Alice in Wonderland” premiere in Russia. The collection includes outfits with the images of the film heroes.

Elegant dresses, tops, shorts and trousers as well as T-shirts of the “Alice in Wonderland” collection are produced of 100% viscose. The basic colours of the collection are red, black, white, beige and the vibrant turquoise and silver shades. Bright prints with surrealistic personages and the film spirit give a unique charm to the collection.

Viva VoxThe collection dedicated to the “Alice in Wonderland” film is not the first successful cooperation between Disney Company and Viva Vox Fashion House: in 2008 they produced their first joint line inspired by the legendary Minnie Mouse. Jersey tops and silk dresses with Minnie images became the must-haves of the season.

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