Wine of the Week: Pick Up A Bottle of Car Lazar in Belgrade

I recently spent four fabulous days in Serbia’s capital city, Belgrade.  I had enjoyed the culture, history, architecture, but most of all the food and wine.  So on departing I popped into the airport duty free shop to check out what the shelves had to offer.  I personally prefer buying wine anywhere but an airport (it’s just never THAT cheap) but with the 100ml liquid rule I no longer have that luxury and I don’t want to run the risk of ruining a suitcase of clothes, books and miscellaneous stuff.  However, there I was pleasantly surprised to find a few reasonably priced bottles of local wine.  Not only was the Car Lazar Stono Polusuvo Vino (Tsar Lazar) label enticing it promised a rich, heart, deep red wine.

Car Lazar Stono Polusuvo Vino

A blend of prokupac, merlot, vranac and gamay this is a lovely wine to enjoy with traditional Serbian meat dishes.  The best bit?  It only cost 320 dinars which works out at about £3!  What a bargain!  If you are visiting Belgrade soon, look out for this wine!

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