Green Lodge Bed & Breakfasts


Green Lodge, a quality-accommodation standard for bed-and-breakfasts and guesthouses, distinguishes holiday facilities that place an emphasis on outstanding hospitality, care for the natural environment and a traditional representation of ethnographic diversity in their enterprise. The standard puts into practice the internationally recognised European Centre for Ecological and Agricultural Tourism (ECEAT) quality label in Bulgaria.

It has two grades – Nomination and Certificate. Facilities that receive a Nomination meet the basic ECEAT criteria and demonstrate their efforts for sustainable development; the recognition is valid for a three-year period. The Green Lodge Certificate itself fulfils the ECEAT Special Criteria for significant contribution to nature conservation and sustainable development.


Every Green Lodge strives to:

· Provide relevant environmentally friendly living (ie, “eco”) information to its guests;

· Support environmental friendly agriculture;

· Use water and energy in an efficient and conscious/responsible way;

· Follow the green building policy;

· Reduce waste;

· Support soft mobility;

· Actively contribute to nature protection;

· Actively contribute to sustaining cultural heritage;

· Actively contribute to supporting the local economy; and

· Improve environmental performance.

At every Green Lodge, you can join the proprietor in supporting the development of sustainable tourism. Ask how be active and reduce your impact on nature and the environment. You can collect small bits of rubbish, reduce water and energy usage, use soft transportation means and much more… Let there be only the footprint of your sole remaining.

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