Wroclaw Poland – European Capital of Culture 2016

Wroclaw is the capital of Lower Silesia in Poland. In 2016 it will be European Capital of Culture.

Here’s our top 10 random facts about the city:

Wroclaw Poland European Capital of Culture 2016

1) The city is renowned for its international music festivals such as Wratislavia Cantans.

2) The city has a particular affiliation with jazz music and holds the Singing Actors’ Jazz Festival and Jazz All Souls’ Day.

3) The launch of Era New Horizons Wroclaw saw the city become a hot spot on the film festivals’ map.

4) The city has a multicultural heritage with Polish, German, Czech, Austrian and Jewish influences found almost everywhere throughout it, particularly in terms of architecture and food.

5) Dwarves drawn on the walls of the city became a symbol of the backlash against the armed militia and dark days of the 1980s.

6) The city has had about 50 different names.

6) Wroclaw is referred to as the Flower of Europe.

7) The city developed throughout the Middle Ages and many sources suggest that by 1000 A.D. Wroclaw was already a sizeable settlement.

8) By the 13th century the city was an established centre of international trade.

9) In August 1939 the city became a main concentration point of Hitler’s military units that were invading Poland.

10) The city’s slogan for 2016 will be: “Spaces for Beauty”.

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