Croatian Cheese Paški Sir Wins at 2010 World Cheese Awards

Paški SirAs most of you know I like to champion superb local produce from across Eastern Europe, especially the likes of Croatia where I have indulged in many a fabulous meal.  As you can imagine, I was thus excited to hear that Croatia enjoyed not one but several spectacular wins at the 2010 World Cheese Awards in Birmingham at the BBC Good Food Show. Paški Sir made it all the way through the 2636 international cheeses to the final 14 best cheeses of the world!

Sirana Gligora entered Paški Sir in the ‘sheep cheese cheese‘ category as well as ‘new cheese on the market‘ and ‘small producers cheese‘.  Sirana Gligora came top of each class, winning no less than three Super Gold Medals and three places in the best 30 cheeses of the world, an outstanding result and a great testament to the cheese makers at Sirana Gligora!

When you consider the new Sirana Gligora diary was only opened in January 2010 it is even more remarkable that such an outstanding cheese can be produced in its first year of operation.  In fact the cheese that was entered was eight months old having been produced in March 2010, just two months after Sirana Gligora started production.  No doubt expectations will be even higher at next years show.

Congratulations to everyone on the island of Pag in Croatia for their efforts!

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