Why You Should Visit Dubrovnik this Winter

The Unesco World Heritage City of Dubrovnik in Croatia is a popular summer holiday destination, however, there are lots of reasons to visit in the winter too.  For one, during December the city shines with magical decorations and sparkles with fairy lights, creating the atmosphere of a fairy-tale renaissance city. In this month of gift giving a fabulous Christmas Fair takes place. Traditional handicrafts, Christmas decorations, candles, toys, glassware, embroidery, ceramics, porcelain and all the objects which the artists’ hands manufactured for Christmas are displayed. While caterers offer Christmas cookies, sweet delicacies, mulled wine, bruštulani mjenduli (candied almonds), and traditional Dubrovnik sweet delicacies including kontonjata (quince cheese), mantala (must cheese), prikle (doughnuts), hrostule (deep fried biscuits) and other delicacies prepared for this holiday time. To the accompaniment of Christmas songs, the fair will be opened from St Nicolas’ Day to Epiphany.

Then, on New Year’s Eve, 31 December, the musicians of Dubrovnik see the old year out with traditional Dubrovnik carols and a music programme lasting all day, which will be the best possible introduction to the wildest night. Numerous visitors to Dubrovnik begin the New Year 2011 entertained by Croatian stars. The finale is the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra’s New Year’s concert in the Stradun on 1 January 2011. The orchestra will perform the most beautiful operatic pieces that will additionally enhance the unforgettable New Year’s fun in Dubrovnik.

So this winter, head to Croatia to enjoy a very different break in Dubrovnik!

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