Wine of the Week: Orovela Cuvee Chandrebi Mtsvane Rkatsiteli

Orovela Cuvee Chandrebi Mtsvane RkatsiteliGeorgia is said to be the original birthplace, or cradle, of wine as it is believed that the practise of wine-making has been taking place in the region for more than 7000 years.  During this time it has been renowned for its wine, counting the royal, rich and famous across Eastern Europe as its most loyal fans.  However, with interest in wine and wine production increasing, Georgian wines are beginning to gain recognition in the UK.  The Georgian Wine Society, makes the enjoyment of these Eastern luxuries more possible than ever before.  Extending its range since its incredibly successful inception, The Georgian Wine Society has now added wines from Orovela to its range.

The Orovela Cuvee Chandrebi Mtsvane Rkatsiteli is a rich, golden white wine.  Rich and buttery, not unlike Chardonnay but with a greater mineral taste, it is a superb alternative white to enjoy with poultry, seafood or salad dishes.  The blend of 85% mtsvane with 15% rkatsiteli produces a particularly smooth, but very clean and crisp wine.  In fact, it even boasts a slight hint of juicy apples, under an aroma of strong tropical fruits.  This wine is simply summer in a bottle.  Its aroma and flavour instantly transport one back to the bustling streets of Tbilisi during an intense summer heat, with the smell and tastes of natural and delicious local foods wafting from cafes and restaurants on a very slight breeze.  However, instead of waiting to enjoy this while on one’s travels, purchase a bottle to enjoy at home and introduce friends and family to the joys of Georgian wine.

The Orovela Mtsvane Rkatsiteli 2007 – £12.99 – 13% ABV

To purchase Georgian wine or find out more visit The Georgian Wine Society.

10% of all the society’s profits go to the charity EveryChild’s – childcare programs in Georgia.

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