Russian Standard – Golden Summertime Iced Tea

Golden Summertime Iced TeaSo far, the weather in London has proved particularly promising.  With sunshine comes the desire for a sweet, cool, refreshing beverage, preferably enjoyed while basking in sunshine, be it in the city or in the countryside.  However, sometimes drinking the same old Cosmo, Pimm’s or G&T just won’t do.

Being a lover of all things Russian it appeared it was time to experiment with a little cocktail-making.  Combining the Russians’ passion for tea and the unbridled joy delivered by a few daily doses of vodka seems like a natural fusion.  Invest in a bottle of Russian Standard Gold, brand new for 2010, a smooth, rich vodka, with a pure taste and notes of honey, vanilla and almond.  Then just follow some simple instructions (below) and you’ll be able to indulge in as many delicious Golden Summertime Iced Teas as you desire!

For added authenticity, serve in a Russian tea glass – you’ll soon be transported to a lively train hurtling through the countryside between Moscow and St Petersburg, or indeed better yet, a grand ball reminiscent of the era of powerful Tsars such as Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great or Tsarina Catherine the Great!


Combine the following

45ml Russian Standard Gold

60ml peach puree

90ml strong black tea (invest in a small box of Russian Caravan Tea from Whittard)

15ml honey water (you can create your own with a dollop of runny honey dissolved into warm water)

15ml lemon juice

Shake with ice and strain, garnishing with a slice of white peach and crushed ice

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