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When taste, scent and philosophy come together in the kitchen the results are sure to be interesting. Ottmar Pohl, the face behind the term ‘aroma cuisine’, is heading up the restaurant at COSMO Hotel Berlin Mitte. Executive Chef Pohl is famed for serving his guests out-of-the-ordinary and unique taste sensations using regional and Mediterranean herbs. By heating the rare and wild herbs in fragrant oils, Pohl releases their natural flavours. These unique aromas are used to dress organic meats and products which are sourced locally. The result is perfectly balanced dishes which are also kind to the environment.

COSMO Berlin Mitte Hotel

The design of the COSMO Restaurant is elegant and timeless. Clear shapes and warm colours create an informal and casual atmosphere, whilst ceiling-high windows open the view to the adjacent park. Nik Schweiger, the lighting designer, has constructed bespoke oversized ceiling-sculptures which provide soft lighting.  A highlight of the space is the open kitchen where guests can watch Ottmar Pohl create his innovative aroma cuisine dishes, including ‘Brook trout, rhubarb pepper vegetables and sweet cicely’ and ‘Baltic Sea wild salmon with popcorn and carrot-anise dumplings’. The 34-year-old chef has previously worked for the three-Michelin star hotel restaurant ‘Traube Tonbach’ in southern Germany and at the renowned restaurant ‘La Societé’ in Cologne.

Passionate about ethical sourcing and minimising the carbon footprint of his kitchen, Pohl shops locally and regularly visits spice alchemist Ingo Holland, owner of the Old Spice Office in Bavaria. He has also studied philosophy, is a self-confessed ‘nature freak’ and is a modern literature fan.

The COSMO Hotel Berlin Mitte is characterised by an individual and urban style. Located in the heart of Mitte between Alexanderplatz and Friedrichstraße, the hotel provides an attentive and yet relaxed service experience. Employees serve as an advisor, guide and door opener to the hippest shops, bars and clubs of the city. Rooms feature unspoilt views of Berlin and minimalistic design. Soft spice colours vary in tone from room to room and create a feeling of comfort, whilst a changeable lighting system and sleek furniture reflect pure sophistication. The contrast between relaxed and refined, light and dark, opaque and solid, soft curves and defined lines, makes the COSMO Hotel Berlin Mitte and Ottmar Pohl’s restaurant one of the top addresses in the city.

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