Worldwide Food Centre in Aldershot

If you live in a big city you can easily take the availability of foreign produce for granted.  However, small specialist shops are popping up throughout the country, including in military town, Aldershot.  The Worldwide Food Centre is a relatively large shop located on Station Road.

Worldwide Food Centre

It stocks all manner of ingredients and goodies you could ever want from across the world but particularly boasts plenty of Polish, Turkish and Croatian food.

Here’s a snapshot of what you can find on the shelves

Worldwide Food Centre

Selection of honeys and preserves

Worldwide Food Centre, Aldershot

Selection of Polish Pierogi

Worldwide Food Centre

Selection of Polish Bread

Worldwide Food Centre

Croatian Vegeta

Worldwide Food Centre

Selection of Macedonian Ajver

The Worldwide Food Centre, Station Road, Aldershot, Hampshire UK

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