A Bicentenary Trip to Chopin’s Grave in Paris

This year Poland and classical music fans are celebrating the bicentenary of Chopin’s birth. So there is no better time to visit his grave, which is regularly adorned with flowers left by among other, hordes of Polish scouts.

Chopin's Grave, Paris

Located in Pere-Lachaise cemetery, in eastern Paris, Chopin’s grave can be found in the 11th division and is relatively easy to spot.  A little like its very own small village, boasting cobbled streets and dainty signposts, one can spend hour after hour spotting the resting places of famous names from the past.

Chopin's Grave, Paris

Other notable graves include that of Proust, Jim Morrison, Rossini, Edith Piaf and Oscar Wilde. Perhaps most interestingly, however, is that of Laura Marx, Karl Marx’s daughter, who committed suicide with her husband, Paul Lafargue in 1911.

Do wear sensible shoes and remember to allow plenty of time to find your way out before it gets dark!

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