Restaurant Review: Peters Brauhaus in Cologne

Peters BrauhausWandering around Cologne is a truly delightful experience.  The architecture really is something to behold with tall, narrow, colourful buildings sitting alongside those more traditional and gothic.  On a rather cold, grey, wintery day there could be no better place to stumble across than Peters Brauhaus.  Located just of Alter Markt, Peters Brauhaus has a particularly inviting and grand entrance but once inside diners are transported to a warm, cosy and dark den consisting of six rooms, the one containing an enormous stained-glass ceiling light being the most impressive.

Although the restaurant and beer house boasts many tables and many long benches, diners feel anything but hemmed in.  The staff may not speak English and the other clients may well be locals but the atmosphere is friendly.  One could quite happily spend many an hour drinking the local Kölsch here.

However, the menu is particularly exciting for those seeking an authentic gastronomic experience.  There are two menus, the Foodkaat and the speciality Speisekarten, the former offering slightly cheaper options, the latter showcasing the brauhaus’ first-class dishes.  However, be warned, the portions are generous in both cases!

The Haxenfleish in Biersauce is served with fried potatoes and mixed salad (€13,90).  Consisting of pork knuckle with a dark sauce, containing mushrooms is just what is needed to combat the cold winds of Cologne.  The meat is tender, falling from the bone and the sauce soaks into the crispy potatoes.  For those who would not normally opt for a beer sauce, this dish proves to be more than a pleasant surprise.

Peters Brauhaus Haxenfleish mit Biersauce

Peters Brauhaus Haxenfleish mit Biersauce

Although salad may not seem too tempting on a cold day, it is actually the perfect accompaniment, adding a touch of crunch, bitter and sweet to the overall meal.  It is recommended to end one’s meal with a glass of schnapps, cleansing the palette and giving diners a hint of sweetness before continuing on a conquest through Cologne’s streets.

Peters Brauhaus, Mühlengasse 1, Cologne

Tel: 0221 257 3950

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