The World’s Only Truly Sustainable Caviar

caviarMottra caviar is new to the UK and is the world’s only truly sustainable caviar. This is bang on trend with us being encouraged to choose more ethical and sustainable options, and since the release of film The End of the Line (The Inconvenient Truth of the fish world), our focus has been firmly on the oceans.

Last year, Mottra ‘sturgeon-friendly caviar’ was awarded the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) certification. Priding itself on its eco-credentials Mottra is both ecologically and gastronomically gratifying.

Even in today’s economic climate, people want to enjoy such  delicacies as caviar, but maybe now more than ever, they want to know that the process used is sustainable and that the sturgeon are being looked after. Mottra is your eco-luxury ‘caviar with a conscience’.

Discerning caviar lovers will always have suffered from the knowledge that wild breeding sturgeon were killed to provide this world renowned delicacy.  Mottra has solved this dilemma with the use of modern technology and special techniques that encourage caviar production, while putting the sturgeon’s welfare first. Once the sturgeon is about five years of age the caviar gets gently massaged out of the fish – a process also known as ‘stripping’.  The fish is then put back into the perfect conditions of the Mottra pools, where it continues to grow and starts the next year’s process of caviar production.

What makes Mottra caviar unique?

  • Mottra’s caviar is ethical. It is “massaged” out of sturgeon rather than the fish being culled after harvest and continue to breed.
  • Mottra’s caviar is sustainable. Due to the ethical spawning, sturgeon breed all its productive life. The fish are not wasted.
  • Mottra’s caviar is fully traceable to the origin at the farm, where it has grown from its own fish eggs
  • Mottra’s caviar is healthy. No hormones, antibiotics, growth accelerators or other substances are used.
  • Mottra’s caviar is ecological. Sturgeon is farmed indoors and the fresh water comes from 150 m deep artesian wells. Water consumption of the plant is reduced to a technologically possible minimum.
  • Mottra’s farm is friendly to the environment. Water which passes into the environment is totally free of chemical additives and neither nature nor the groundwater is affected.
  • Mottra is concerned with global warming. The farm has very low energy consumption.

Mottra caviar is available from Harvey Nichols (Mottra Osetra 28g £35, 56g £69, 90g £109 ; Mottra Sterlet 28g £39, 56g £75, 90g £119) Selfridges (Mottra Osetra 30g £36, 50g £60, 125g £150; Mottra Sterlet 30g £39, 50g £65, 125g £162) and online at (Mottra Osetra 28g £35, 56g £69, 90g £109; Mottra Sterlet 28g £39, 56g £75, 90g £119).

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