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Thanks to the Romans, the German history of wine starts as early as 100 AD. Visitors can explore the famous wine regions including some of the country’s beautiful historic cities along the river valleys of Moselle, Rhine and Main. The 14 cities of the “Historic Highlights of Germany” network include some of the country’s major destinations for wine lovers such as Trier, Koblenz, Mainz and Würzburg. Here, vineyards, wine festivals and historic buildings wait to be discovered.

Trier – World Heritage & World-class Wine

Built by the Romans as “Augusta Treverorum”, Germany’s oldest city lies on the shores of the river Moselle and is a perfect starting point for a trip through the surrounding wine region. The town is not only a UNESCO World Heritage site but also offers special culinary delights. Visitors can sample original Roman dishes, and the region’s world-class wine is complemented by distinguished sparkling wine selections.

Trier Cathedral

Trier Cathedral

City break package “The Romans and wine“

Two nights including breakfast, guided tour, wine tasting and a dinner including wine from EUR 154 per person in a double room (3*** hotel).

Koblenz – Castles & Vineyards

Where the rivers Moselle and Rhine meet, the city of Koblenz is located in a valley with impressive rock formations, castles and steep vineyards. Throughout its 2000-year long history, Koblenz was dominated by the cultivation and production of wine, while the nearby World Heritage site of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley was an important trading route through Europe.

Stolzenfels Palace, Koblenz

Stolzenfels Palace, Koblenz

City break package “Wine & Dine”
Two nights including breakfast, guided tour, dinner including wine, admission to the “Middle Rhine Museum” and a boat trip along the Upper Middle Rhine Valley from EUR 179 per person in a double room (3*** hotel).

Mainz – Wine & Culture

Further south, Mainz is located where the rivers Main and Rhine meet. Also founded by the Romans, the city is surrounded by one of the most famous wine regions of Germany, the “Rheingau”. Every year the “Mainzer Weinmarkt” wine festival attracts thousands of visitors with about 70 wine stands, music, handicrafts and food (3 – 6 September 2009).

Rebstockplatz, Mainz

Rebstockplatz, Mainz

City break package “Mainzer Weinmarkt”
One night including breakfast, guided tour, three wine tasting sessions and the “Mainz Card” for public transport from EUR 88 per person in a double room.

Würzburg – Baroque Palace & Belly-shaped Bottles

Famous for delivering its wine in belly-shaped bottles, the Franconian wine region’s heart is the city of Würzburg. Visitors can explore Würzburg’s famous baroque palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and enjoy the wide range of wines available during the local wine festival (27 August – 6 September 2009).

Marienberg Citadel, Würzburg

Marienberg Citadel, Würzburg

City break package “Wine and the city”
Two nights including breakfast at first class “Schlosshotel Steinburg”, guided tour at the “Staatlicher Hofkeller” wine cellar, admission to the “Würzburger Residenz”, boat trip, 5-course dinner including wine and a picnic basket with a bottle of sparkling wine from EUR 249 per person in a double room.

For bookings and further information contact:

Trier: Tourist Information Trier, phone 0049 (0)651 9780816, www.trier.de/tourismus

Koblenz : Koblenz Tourism, phone 049 (0)261 3038813, buchungsanfragen@koblenz-touristik.de, www.koblenz-touristik.de

Mainz : Mainz Tourism, phone 0049 (0) 6131 286210, tourist@info-mainz.de, www.tourist.mainz.de

Würzburg : Schlosshotel Steinburg, phone 0049 (0)931 97020, hotel@steinburg.com, www.steinburg.com

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