Struckli, Zagreb Airport

Baked Savoury Struckli

Baked Savoury Struckli

Struckli is a real comfort food for me but something one can really only enjoy when in Croatia or Slovenia.  Naturally, I am of the opinion that the best Struckli is made by Mira, my friend’s Grandmother on stormy summer nights in Kranjska Gora.  There is nothing better than eating some struckli, doused in some sugar, playing Slovene Rumi, or Tarock and watching the thunder and listening to the lightening.

However, last summer in Zagreb I enjoyed a hot, steamy dish of savoury struckli at a lovely slastičarna.  Unfortunately, on my trip to Zagreb this trip, I ran out of meals to eat any but I was lucky to stumble upon it at the airport!  I decided to make the most of the time waiting for the plane back to Gatwick and ordered a baked savoury struckli.  (Warning: Struckli takes 40 minutes to prepare/cook so if you are in a hurry for your plane, best not to order it just in case).

Struckli is often described as a boiled version of strudel but I do not think that really does it justice.

Štajerska (Baked Struckli) Ingredients

For the pastry

500g flour

1 egg


1 tbsp oil

A little luke warm water

Ingredients for filling

225ml cream

375g cottage cheese

1 1/2 eggs

100g sugar

Handful of breadcrumbs (to thicken the filling)


Make the filo pastry dough by combining the flour, egg, oil, salt and water

Allow the pastry to rest for 30 minutes

Prepare the filling by mashing cottage cheese, adding cream, egg yolks and breadcrumbs

Whisk the egg whites and sugar and fold carefully into the filling

Roll out and stretch the dough across across a board and roll out on floured cloth

Spread filling over dough, if the filling is too thin, add more breadcrumbs

Use the cloth to roll the struckli into a roulade

Lift struckli onto greased baking tray

Cook in oven on moderate heat (200 degrees Celsius) for 40 minutes

It may need to be covered half-way through cooking process

Good accompanying wines include Chardonnay, Renski Rizling, Sauvignon

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