Khutorok is one of my favourite restaurants in Kiev.  A wooden paddle-steamer, moored on the Dnipro, the restaurant is cosy and decked out in a Carpathian-style interior.  The deck provides the perfect place for a summer dining experience and quickly one can forget the big roads, traffic chaos and general bustle of the city.  In the winter the restaurant’s fires provide ample heating.  Shasklyk, green borshch and khrushchenky (beef roulades) are all on offer.

Although a bit of a walk from the city centre, the food is absolutely fantastic and the staff are much less surly than found in other restaurants (for a non-Ukrainian/non-Russian speaking person, as I was the time of my visit).  The veal with wild mushrooms and veal with berries were particularly tempting, however, due to the way mushrooms and berries absorb radiation (though I wish to cast no doubts over the source of the restaurant’s food) I thought best to avoid them.  Instead, I opted for some pan-fried veal with a wild rice side and portion of grilled vegetables, the latter of which was presented in tower.



Naturally, all three portions were served up with a large quantity of dill which I must say, I am not a huge fan of.  However, the food here is truly yummy and the restaurant is packed full with locals, albeit generally those who are wealthier than your average Ukrainian.  If like me you want to opt for no dill, remember this simple phrase: vsyo bez ukropa.  This is actually a Russian phrase but Ukrainians will understand what you want, though they will probably think you are insane.

A cheaper meal can definitely be found in Ukraine, but if you want to push the boat out one evening and enjoy the beautiful surroundings, then a visit to Khutorok is worth it.  A bottle of water will cost 27 Ukrainian Hryvna, a main course will cost about 122 Hryvna and side dishes cost about 25 Hryvna.  A meal for two, without wine or vodka, will cost about 352 Hryvna, about £29.

Booking is recommended.

Khutorok, Berth 1, vul Naberezhno-Khreshchatyska

Tel: 460 7019

Nearest Metro Kontraktova Pl

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