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Veal Escalope & Saffron Rice

Veal Escalope & Saffron Rice

This is my take on a popular Croatian veal recipe.  I had something similar during a holiday a few years ago in Split at a large restaurant at the end of the Riva, toward the bus station.  The large restaurant/cafe/bar has different sections depending on what you want.  The waiters were very friendly and helpful and the food, whether it be ice cream, pizza, or something more substantial, was fantastic.

The veal is quickly pan-fried and then a wine and citrus sauce is made and poured over the meat. Served with some Milanese rice (saffron-infused risotto) it is just delicious with really fresh flavours.


Thin veal escalopes

A cup (about 100ml) of chicken stock

2 tbsp dry white wine

3 tbsp finely chopped parsley

Juice and zest of half a lemon

2 tbsp of freshly squeezed orange juice

Zest of half an orange

Olive oil for pan-frying

Plain flour for coating the veal


Coat veal in plain flour


Heat olive oil in frying pan until quite hot

Put veal in frying pan

Cook for two to three minutes on one side, then turn

Cook for another two minutes

Veal cooking

Remove veal from pan and place on plate to rest

Put white wine in pan

Add lemon and orange juice to pan

Add stock to pan

Veal sauce

Heat until thickens slightly to consistency of a syrup

Add in parsley and stir

Plate up veal, pour over sauce and serve with saffron rice

Veal done!

(To make saffron rice: Heat risotto rice in olive oil/butter, pour on splash of white wine, stir.  Add stock, chicken or vegetable, and saffron, slowly to pan and stir, as if making risotto.  Keep adding liquid and stirring constantly for 20 minutes.  Add a few tablespoons of parmesan and serve.)

It is also nice to serve a side dish of gently wilted spinach with the veal and rice.

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